“Farming in the city? Food (re)localisation and urban agriculture in Australia” Sted: Møterom “Tinget”, v/Bygdeforskning i 4. etg på Idrettssenteret Dragvoll Tid: Fredag 25. mai kl 13.00 – 14.00

Dr Carol Richards
School of Social Science, The University of Queensland, Australia
The practice of urban agriculture has escalated in Australia in recent years. Growing food in urban and suburban areas is not new in Australia, however, it is rapidly expanding and has gained widespread support and appeal. Urban food growing activities include community gardens and allotments, back yard gardening, school gardens, rooftop gardens, balcony gardens and even ‘guerrilla gardening’.
During fieldwork in the city of Melbourne, urban gardeners, community organisations, policy makers and planners were asked about the motives behind the uptake of urban agriculture. Findings from the research revealed a mix of motivations for engaging in city food growing: some saw it as a positive way to respond to a corporatised food system, food waste, climate change and peak oil – as well as creating a healthier lifestyle where people are reconnected with their food and each other. Others sought to grow food that was culturally familiar and appropriate to their diets. However, some obstacles were experienced in the pursuit of these goals – including contestation over land use (open vs enclosed space), land contamination and local planning restrictions.
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