In the new article 'Conflicts and contestations. Rural populations' perspectives on the second homes phenomenon', published in Journal of Rural Studies, Johan Fredrik Rye discusses the relationships between local rural populations and the visiting second home population in the Norwegian context. 

Among key findings are:
Rural people are positive towards second home development in their municipality.
Rurals often socially interact with the visiting second home users.
Rurals find second home developments attractive but not a high density of such homes.
Local rural elites are more positive to visiting second home population than others.
The analysis uses material from the survey City, countryside, second homes 2008, which was conducted among a large-scale and representative sample of the population in Norwegian rural second home municipalities.

Rye, J.F. (2011) Conflicts and contestations. Rural populations’ perspectives on the second homes phenomenon. Journal of Rural Studies 27 (2011), pp. 263-274

You may read the article here (requires licensed access):

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