Bygdeforskning has another professor-level researcher. Dr Rob Burton was promoted to Forsker I on the 11th of April after an evaluation of competence by two renowned external professors (Prof. Arild Blekesaune, NTNU, and Prof. Mark Shucksmith, Newcastle University). The promotion recognises the work Dr Burton has conducted over the last 15 years in the field of rural geography.

In this period he has been involved in 30 international peer reviewed journal articles, including 14 since beginning work for Bygdeforskning in August 2011. Rob’s contribution to the field has been mainly in the area of farming culture and identity and, in particular, how this influences farmer behaviour and policy response. Three of his publications have now been cited over 100 times in the science database SCOPUS, indicating an internationally important contribution to the study of farmer’s behaviour. Having this level of expertise at Bygdeforskning is very positive, says Bygdeforskning’s director Harald a. Lein. In addition to strengthening an already impressive research team, it also emphasises Bygdeforskning’s commitment to enhancing its reputation as a centre of international importance.

For those with access to the appropriate scientific databases and who are interested in this research area, key (highly cited) articles from Dr Burton’s research include:

2004    Burton, R.J.F. Seeing through the ‘good farmer’s’ eyes: towards developing an understanding of the social symbolic value of ‘productivist’ behaviour. Sociologia Ruralis 44 (2):  195-216.

2006    Burton, R.J.F. and Wilson, G. Injecting social psychology theory into conceptualisations of agricultural agency: towards a ‘post-productivist’ farmer self-identity. Journal of Rural Studies 22 (1): 95-115.

2008    Burton, R.J.F., Kuczera, C., Schwarz, G. Exploring farmers’ cultural resistance to voluntary agri-environmental schemes. Sociologia Ruralis 48 (1): 16-37.

2011    Burton, R.J.F.; Paragahawewa, U. Creating culturally sustainable agri-environmental schemes. Journal of Rural Studies 27: 95-104.

2013    Burton, R.J.F.; Schwarz, G.  Result-oriented agri-environmental schemes in Europe and their potential for promoting behavioural change. Land Use Policy 30: 628– 641.

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