Researcher from across Europe met in Portugal to share knowledge and experience, in order to develop a more sustainable European agriculture.

Recently, Egil Petter Stræte, researcher at Ruralis, went to Portugal for a gathering with over 40 participants from 13 different European countries. The objective for the meeting, which is a part of the research project AgriLink, was to plan the first part of their study, which seeks to answer the following questions: What makes farmers change the manner of their operation, adopt new technology or apply new knowledge? How does agricultural advisors affect this decision-making process?

The aim for this study is to bring forward knowledge and experiences that will make agriculture advisors in Europe better suited to facilitate a sustainable development in the agriculture sector. The advisors targeted will vary across different fields related to innovation, which will include areas such as agronomy, technology or social factors.

Over 1.000 European farmers will be interviewed about implementation of innovation and their relationship with agriculture advisors. Additionally, the study will interview both agriculture advisors and key stakeholders.

This study not only conduct surveys. It will use practice related projects in order to develop better methods of production, by getting farmers to implementing different innovation measures. Norway will be one of six countries trying this method. Landbruk21Trøndelag are and will be heavily involved in this part of the project.

The project coordinator is Pierre Labarthe from INRA, France. AgriLink is financed by EU’s Horizon 2020 program, and will run for four years. The Norwegian participants are RURALIS, which will be the project’s research partner, and Landbruk21Trøndelag, which will participate as businesses partner.

Read more about AgriLink here

Contact: Egil Petter Stræte, RURALIS

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