Due to research success and securing of research funding, we are looking for 1 to 2 senior researchers / researchers 2 with a social science background to join our team at our offices in Trondheim and Oslo. We are also seeking an economist.

1 -2 senior researchers/researchers 2 

We are looking for an experienced social scientist[s] who: 

  • has an interest in research topics with significance for Norwegian rural communities 
  • wants to use their professional knowledge in a way that benefits society 
  • wants to work as a full-time researcher responsible for delivering Research Council of Norway, EU and contract research projects. 

Your tasks will initially be to work with our skilled researchers in the implementation of already funded research projects. You will contribute towards scientific publication, professional dissemination to user groups and the public, and in our continuous work to develop new proposals to secure externally-funded projects. 

The positions are permanent full-time positions. Placement in the job category depends on competence and experience. 

Your workplace will preferably be our office in Trondheim. Field work and other travel activity must be expected. 

Questions about the position should be directed to: 

Research manager Pia Otte, +47 944 84 736, pia.otte@ruralis.no 

Research manager Magnar Forbord, +47 934 49 761, magnar.forbord@ruralis.no 

Director Svein Frisvoll, +47 402 12 862, svein.frisvoll@ruralis.no 

For more info and application form, see job advertisement on jobbnorge.no

1 economist 

We are looking for an economist who: 

  • is professionally skilled in economics, agricultural economics or climate economics 
  • is interested in the system that produces our food, and wants to find out more about the connections between Norwegian agriculture, environment and climate 
  • wants to use their professional knowledge in a way that benefits society 
  • wants to work as a researcher and may want to take a PhD degree in the future 

The position is a permanent full-time position. Depending on whether you come straight from university or you already have relevant experience, you will be employed as either a research assistant or a researcher 3. If you have a PhD degree, you will be employed as a researcher 2. You will work closely with our experienced agricultural economist and our other newly employed agricultural economist. 

Your workplace will be our office in Oslo. If you would rather live in the Trondheim area, it can be agreed, but you will have to travel to Oslo regularly. 


Questions about the position should be directed to: 


Project manager Klaus Mittenzwei, +47 474 08 680, klaus.mittenzwei@ruralis.no 

For more info and an application form, see the job advertisement on jobbnorge.no (only Norwegian text).


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