A-6/23 Towards gender inclusivity and equality in small-scale fisheries

Writers: Sarah Harper (University of Victoria and Wildlife Conservation Society) and Danika Kleiber (WorldFish and James Cook University) with contributions from Afrina Choudhury (WorldFish and Wageningen University), Alice Joan Ferrer (University of the Philippines Visayas), Amelia Duffy-Tumasz (Temple University), Ashley Fent (Vassar College), Ayodele Oloko (University of Bremen), Carmen Pedroza (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), Charlotte Gough (Blue Ventures and University of Exeter), Chikondi Manyungwa-Pasani (Department of Fisheries, Malawi), Clonesha Romeo (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labour, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), Cynthia McDougall (Stockholm Environment Institute), Diego Salgueiro-Otero (Universidade de Vigo), Elena Ojea (Universidade de Vigo), Gonzalo Macho (Universidade de Vigo and Fisheries Consultant), Holly M. Hapke (University of California – Irvine), Hunter Snyder (Dartmouth College), Jennifer Lee Johnson (Michigan State University), Kafayat Fakoya (Lagos State University), Kirsten Bradford (Simon Fraser University), Kumi Soejima (Setsunan University), Kyoko Kusakabe (Asian Institute of Technology), Laura Robson (Blue Ventures), Luceni Hellebrandt (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande – MARéSS), Madeleine Gustavsson (Ruralis – Institute for Rural and Regional Research, and University of Exeter), Maricela De la Torre Castro (Stockholm University), Molly Atkins (WorldFish and University of Birmingham), Nikita Gopal (ICAR – Central Institute of Fisheries Technology), Philippa J. Cohen (WorldFish and James Cook University), Tahiry Randrianjafimanana (Blue Ventures), Rindra Rasoloniriana (Blue Ventures), Sangeeta Mangubhai (Wildlife Conservation Society and Talanoa Consulting), Santiago de la Puente (University of British Columbia), Sara Fröcklin (Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and Stockholm University), Sarah Appiah (University of Ghana) and Sarah Lawless (James Cook University) 

FAO, Duke University & WorldFish. 2023. Illuminating Hidden Harvests – The contributions of small-scale fisheries to sustainable development. Rome. https://doi.org/10.4060/cc4576en

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