Reindeer herding and commodification of the outfields and commons in Southern Sami areas – challenging established rights and practices – Reindrift og kommodifisering av utmarka i sørsamiske områder – hvordan etablerte rettigheter og praksiser blir utfordret

The primary objective of this research project is to analyse how changed uses of the outfields [utmarka], mainly caused by rural entrepreneurship and development activities, challenge established property enactments and ownership models, including norms and practices,- among reindeer herders, farmers and authorities, and how these challenges affect further land use and land use conflicts. Moreover, the study aims to analyse the interpretation and implementation of “the social contract” between the reindeer industry and agriculture, respectively, and the society as a whole. To achieve a broader principal basis for analysing such conflicts in the interplay between “ethnic” and “rural” interpretations and approaches, comparisons will be made between the challenges crofting systems in the Scottish Highlands and Islands and the Sámi reindeer herding areas in Mid-Norway are facing related to changes in policies, practices and norms within an increasingly neo-liberal society.

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01/01/2010 - 31/12/2013

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University of Newcastle, School of Architecture and Planning prof Mark Shucksmith, Macaiulay Institute, Scotland, Dr. Katrina Myrvang Brown, University of Oslo, Institute of Law Prof Kirst Strøm Bull, Norwegian Agricultural Economics Institute, Norwegia

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