This is a larger Swedish-Norwegian collaboration project, which aims to test various technical sound and lighting solutions that can help minimize collisions with wild animals along the railway

The collaboration will be coordinated by the Norwegian Research Institute Ruralis – Institute for Rural and Regional Research. The research project can be characterized as basic research and involves conducting testing of the animals reactions to various audio signals, and possibly sound in combination with light. The purpose is to identify which sounds have the greatest effect on the animals and thus will be most appropriate to use to scare the animals in a desired direction, that is, out of the railway tracks. The aim of the project is to increase scientific knowledge that will provide the basis for developing effective alert / scare systems. The various technical and audiovisual solutions will mainly be tested on deers / mooses and roe deers, but the reaction patterns of other game (fox, hare, badger and the like) will also be observed if they remain within the test area when the warning device is activated.

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