The lecture will examine the potential and limitations of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 on Gender Equality in helping to achieve household food security. She argues that SDG 5 has been identified as a key goal, both in itself and as a means to achieve other Goals.

In fact it has been claimed that “all the SDGs depend on the achievement of Goal 5”. Is this claim justifiable, especially from the lens of household food security which is a fundamental aspect of sustainable development?  Could a bold interpretation of SDG 5 and establishing synergies with other SDGs, especially SDG 15 as it relates to forests, SDG 14 as it relates to fish resources, and SDG 13 on Climate action, provide ways forward?  (Her lecture is based on a paper published in Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 2018, 34:26–32).


Bina Agarwal is Professor of Development Economics and Environment, University of Manchester, UK, and earlier Director and Professor at the Institute of Economic Growth, University of Delhi, India. Her research interests cover Poverty and Inequality; Food Security; Community Forestry; Small farmer cooperation; the Political Economy of Gender. Her most recent awards include three received in 2017: the International Balzan Prize, Louis Malassis International Scientist Prize and the Officer of the Order of Agricultural Merit, Government of France.  The open lecture is a part of her visit to Ruralis.

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