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Digital event: (Dis)Connections: Exploring the conceptualisation, methodologies and promises of assemblage and systems thinking approaches in food system research

29. juni kl. 15:00 - 30. juni kl. 18:00

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(Dis)Connections is a free, live, digital event that will explore the potential for interconnections, synergies and disjuncture between system thinking and assemblage thinking approaches within food system research. The event brings together scholars from North America and Europe to discuss opportunities for further developing our understanding of systems and processes of system analysis through making connections between these approaches.

Key topics of discussion: how do these approaches theorise and conceptualise systems, what methodologies do they apply, what insights do they generate and what is their underlying aim and promises? In addressing these questions, we are particularly interested in cases that examine the processes and possibilities for transformation of social and material relations within food systems.

Confirmed speakers and discussants include Roberta Sonnino, Ben Turner, Helen Briassoulis, Michael Woods, Alexandra Hughes, Hugo Herrera, Gary Polhill, Erik Mathijs, Jérémie Forney, Hector Menendez, and Birgit Kopainsky.


29th June

15:00 – Welcome and introduction to the event

15:30 – Panel 1

Speakers: Michael Woods (Aberystwyth University), Ben Turner (Texas A&M University), Roberta Sonnino (University of Surrey), Pytrik Reidsma (Wageningen University)

16:50 – Short break

17:00 – Open Discussion with Panel speakers.

Discussants: Birgit Kopainsky (University of Bergen) and Jérémie Forney (University of Neuchâtel)

18:00 – Event close


30th June

15:00 – Keynote: Helen Briassoulis

15:45 – Short break

15:50 – Panel 2

Speakers: Alexandra Hughes (Newcastle University), Erik Mathijs (KU Leuven), Hugo Herrera (University of Bergen), Gary Polhill (James Hutton Institute)

17:10 – Short break

17:20 – Open Discussion with Panel speakers.

Discussants: Hector Menendez (South Dakota State University) and Jérémie Forney (University of Neuchâtel)

18:20 – Event close


The event will be held in English

This event is organised as part of the SYNAGRI: Developing synergies between the bioeconomy and regional food systems for a sustainable future project (No. 325403) funded by the Research Council of Norway.

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