Soft Coral, Maratua, Borneo, Indonesia
Soft Coral, Maratua, Borneo, Indonesia

The Ocean Decade – and the important questions

The UN has dedicated 2021-2030 as the Ocean decade, focusing on science for sustainable development. This film from Ruralis’ Bioshare project presents many of the questions that science often neglect.

The aims of the BioShare project has been to develop knowledge and analytical understanding necessary to assess, organise and manage the sharing of benefits from the utilization of natural resources, and provide policy recommendations accordingly. We especially focused on aquaculture and wind energy, but also bioprospecting and the strong growing interest in the ocean, comparing their management regimes with that of hydropower and petroleum. We found that nature resource rent principles can be crucial for just distribution of benefits.

However, with the many pressures on the sea, we need to go beyond the material “benefits” and ask the really deep questions about the ocean, which must be seen as our last, and greatest common.

Geographer and film maker Katrina M. Brown made ”Living with the sea” as part of the Bioshare project. Enjoy and reflect!

 (Funding Future Welfare: Bioeconomy as the «New Oil» and the Sharing of Benefits from Natural Resources (Bioshare) – funded by the Research Council of Norway, Grant no. 294867)

See the movie here: Prospects: Living with the Sea_film taster montage on Vimeo