Katrina Rønningen

Senior Researcher - Dr.polit. (Geography)

Address: Trondheim, Norway

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Publications in Cristin

Katrina Rønningen is a senior researcher at RURALIS. She holds a Dr.polit. in Geography from University of Trondheim (NTNU) and Master in Land use planning from Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Rønningen is working nationally and internationally on issues linked to agricultural policy issues, cultural landscapes, multifunctionality and diversification on rural properties and climate change. Commodification and marginalisation processes in rural areas, conservation and land use controversies in upland as well as in coastal areas linked to aquaculture; carnivore controversies, and land use developments and land use pressure in south Sámi areas are other key words for her research. She is currently leading a research project on “Grazing resources, Carnivores and Local communities” (LOCAL CARNIVORE).