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Katrina Rønningen

Senior Researcher - Dr.polit. (Geography)

Katrina Rønningen is a geographer working on issues related to agriculture, environment and climate, natural and rural resources and policies. She holds a Ph.d. in geography, and works as a senior researcher at Ruralis – Institute for Rural and Regional Research.

Commodification, conservation and marginalisation processes and related land use questions are at the core of her research interests. Various land use, rights and interests linked to eg renewable energy, indigenous reindeer herding, aquaculture are key words for her recent research.  She is currently the coordinator of “Funding Future Welfare: Bioeconomy as the ‘New Oil’ and the Sharing of Benefits from Natural Resources (Bioshare)” (funded by the Research Council of Norway, proj.no. 294867) with a number of national and international partners.