Employees / Researchers / Heidi Vinge (contract completed November 2021)

Heidi Vinge (contract completed November 2021)

Researcher - PhD (Sociology)

Heidi Vinge is a sociologist and researcher at Ruralis. Her research focuses on knowledge and conflicts in land use governance and agricultural policy.

She holds a PhD from Institute for sociology and political science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In her PhD she explored the social conditions for farmland preservation in politics and planning.

Current research interests are sustainable land-use and transformations in food systems. She is particularly interested in exploring societal legitimacy in agriculture and agricultural policy. Recently her work is focused on land fragmentation and land consolidation in agriculture and urban governance of biodiversity.

Vinge was a guest researcher at the Global Food Politics Group, Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo, Canada from August to December 2015.