Improving farmers’ competence by more efficient interaction between farmer, advisory services and research (COMPETENT FARMER)

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The future of the Norwegian agriculture sector depends on an effective knowledge and innovation system. This project aims to strengthen how farmers develop their competence in such a system, and will provide both scientific and practical knowledge on how to do this. An important knowledge platform on the Norwegian agriculture innovation system will be developed. In cooperation with five industrial partners this project will develop and test new models and working methods to improve the farmers adaption of scientific knowledge, their means to combine this with practical knowledge, and implement this combined knowledge towards innovation in the agriculture sector. Important elements in the project are analysis of the innovation system, in-depth studies of advisory services, action research and participatory design for development, testing and practical implementation of working methods. Strong involvement from the business sector and emphasis on communication from the project enhances its potential to succeed and to contribute to reforms.

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01/04/2015 - 31/12/2018

Collaboration partners

Agriscope (Switzerland), Wageningen UR (Netherlands)

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