Increase in local contributions in value chains for use and reuse of wood in buildings and interiors – pre-project

The aim of this pre-project is to establish a larger pilot project where in practice various measures and organizations are tested to increase competitiveness for smaller local wood companies into products and services for larger construction projects and larger customers.

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The goals are to strengthen the use of wood, strengthen the circular economy and provide more local value added. The pilot project is limited to explore the questions: How can the use of local hardwood for construction be scaled up to an efficient value supply chain? How to develop local value chains for the reuse and new use of wooden furniture and wooden interiors? What promotes and hinder change and transmissions in companies and organizations? The work will provide a knowledge status based on document studies and interviews.

Project details

Project number


Project period

01/12/2021 - 01/07/2022

Collaboration partners

Arkitre AS, Snekkeriet Verdal AS, Skjetne Design, Myhr Interiør, Lium Møbelfabrikk, Næringshagen i Orkdalsregionen, Green advisers AS, Rallar arkitekter, Treteknisk, Loopfront


Kystskogbruket, Wood Works! Cluster og Trondheim kommune


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N-4/22 Forslag til tiltak for mer bruk av lauvtre i bygg og mer gjenbruk av tre (forstudie)


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