This research programme is focussing on the survival and development opportunities in the Norwegian forest and mountain regions (here termed upland regions) as these communities are squeezed in between processes of commercialisation, conservation and marginalisation of its traditional industries (agriculture, forestry). How are local action strategies influenced by changes in international framework conditions and national policies? What action space may these areas develop – and for what groups? Who benefit and who “loose” in this restructuring process – who are included and excluded or marginalised and what are their adjustments to this? What are the consequences; socio-economically, culturally and for the landscape and land use? Methodologically the study will be based on case studies, including qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys within selected study areas as well as a quantitative survey of attitudes in the Norwegian population in general will be carried out. The programme is cross disciplinary, based on cooperation between social scientists and biologists.

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