SkillsRoad is a transdisciplinary initiative aiming to connect the needs of the business community in the Blue Economy (also known as 'Blue Opportunities') with the training and education institutions across the regions of Norway.

The project has six main objectives, including identifying the skills necessary to operationalize ocean opportunities in Norway, investigating available skills in Norwegian counties through formal education and training programs, and addressing mismatches between skill demand and supply. The project will also identify bottlenecks in immigration policies and target underserved communities for recruitment based on the Justice40 Initiative principles. Additionally, the project will disseminate its findings to policy, educational, and business stakeholders in Norway. The work is organized into five work packages (WPs) with specific objectives, aiming to bridge gaps and inform the development of a sustainable blue economy.

The outcomes will be shared with the scientific community, state training programs, policymakers, state-owned enterprises, and the academic community, contributing to literature in various domains. SkillsRoad holds strategic significance for Ruralis, allowing it to host regional datasets of skills and further establish its presence in the Ocean and Coastal social science community. On a broader scale, SkillsRoad aims to become a foundational framework for understanding challenges and opportunities in marine regions, leveraging national and EU-level support.

For stakeholders such as businesses, politicians, and government administrations, SkillsRoad offers actionable insights to advance the operationalization of the Blue Economy by addressing skill gaps and immigration challenges effectively.

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