A-8/20 Har norsk jordbruk ein plass i eit klimanøytralt Noreg?: – fokus på mjølk og raudt kjøt

The Norwegian government and the farmers’ organisations have agreed that the agricultural sector must cut GHG emissions with 5 mill tonn i CO2-equivalents before 2030. At the same time the official policy of the government is to of increase production of food in Norway. For meat and milk producers, this is extra problematic, as large parts of the greenhouse gas emissions are linked to biological processes in livestock that are the very core of their production. Is it possible for the agricultural sector to reach both of these goals? Are there fixed structures and policy paths that make agriculture not able to achieve these goals? Maybe we need another way of thinking about agriculture and GHG emissions to solve this problem? Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift 37(01):59-70

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