A-8/16 Integrating Sustainable Development in Higher Education through Experience-based Learning: Insights from Experts in Team (EiT) for Developing a Combined Theoretical Framework

Universities are understood to play an essential role in the promotion of sustainable development. However, the recognition of sustainable development in higher education poses multiple challenges to the traditional higher education system. This article introduces a course concept called ‘Experts in Teams’ (EiT) as a new platform of learning which makes use of experience-based learning to address sustainable development in an academic context. The article investigates the ways in which these new forms of learning lead to sustainable lifestyle behavioural changes among participants. Based on the results from the case study, the article presents a combined framework for implementing sustainable development as part of a curriculum that not only provides theoretical education about the topic but also furthers a behavioural change among its participants towards more pro-environmental actions. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development 10(1), 1–29

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