A-9/17 Klima for endring? Norske bønders holdninger til klimaendring og klimapolitikk

In this article I study Norwegian farmers’ climate change perceptions, their priorities and what it takes to consider undertaking mitigation measures. The analysis is based on a climate change survey from a representative sample of Norwegian farmers in 2011, the only survey of its kind conducted among Norwegian farmers so far. The results show that even if farmers perceive climate change as real and man-made, they do not act as if it is acute. Further, they view climate policy adaptation as a greater challenge than adapting to climate change itself. The farmers also put production-related goals and managing the farm economy higher on the agenda than emission cuts. According to the farmers, factors that will increase the likelihood of implementing mitigation measures at the farm is a combination of public support schemes and increased prices for food produced in a more climate friendly way. A majority of the farmers also believe that other sectors should contribute more to GHG-cuts than agriculture. Variables explaining climate change perceptions are level of education and knowledge, ideological and political position (or ‘world view’), and the feeling of proximity to (negative) climate change effects. In order to reach climate policy goals in the agricultural sector, the motivation of the farmers to implement measures must be increased. Norsk statsvitenskaplige tidsskrift, 33, 3-4–2017, s. 272–291

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