Jordvernets vilkår – mellom verdier og verdi. En empirisk studie av mening, kunnskap og makt i planlegging og politikk

The thesis “Farmland preservation – Between values and value: An empirical study of meaning, knowledge, and power in planning and politics” is a collection of five articles and an introduction that binds them together. The articles are based on studies of farmland preservation in four cases: 1) farmland preservation historically in the Land Act; 2) farmland preservation in the Trondheim land-use plan, which comprises the in-depth study of the thesis; 3) the Greenbelt success story in Toronto as a contrasting case; and 4) farmland preservation in the organizational sphere at the national level in Norway. The dissertation is ablend of empirical articles and an account of how we can think more  broadly about the processes being studied.

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