A-1/22 Recognizing Women’s Wellbeing and Contribution to Social Resilience in Fisheries

Writers: Lucy Szaboova, Madeleine Gustavsson Rachel Turner
Building social resilience is important for fishing communities, whichglobally face unprecedented social and environmental change. Whilewomen’s direct and indirect contribution to fishing economies isincreasingly recognized, their contribution to the social resilience offisheries remains under-examined. Using interview and focus groupdata, we investigate women’s role in supporting the social resilienceof UK fishing communities and examine implications for women’swellbeing. Our findings reveal that beyond supporting the economicviability of fishing businesses, women help maintain the social fabricof fisheries and nurture the physical and mental wellbeing of fishingfamilies, often at a cost to their own material, social and emotionalwellbeing. Tensions between social resilience at the household orcommunity level and women’s individual wellbeing have importantimplications for fisheries policy, which rarely considers the widersocial context of fisheries. We identify ways in which women’s rolesand wellbeing can be included in decision-making and policy.
Society & Natural Resources, Pages 59-74.  https://doi.org/10.1080/08941920.2021.2022259

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