R-10/19 Den regionale arbeidsdelingen i landbruket og kanaliseringspolitikken mellom 1990 og 2017

The regional division of labor has been a key element of Norwegian agriculture since the post-war period. Through various agricultural policy instruments under the collective term channeling policy, grain production has been prioritized in the best agricultural areas. Animal husbandry and forage production were therefore gradually pushed out into valleys and areas that for various agronomic, topographic and environmental reasons are not suitable for grain production. Until about 1990, this policy was implemented by adjusting the price ratio of cereals and milk, but due to international approaches and a desire to reduce the cost of agriculture in the 1990s, other instruments were put in place. This report deals with developments in the regional division of labor since 1990 and finds that despite changes in policy instruments and some regional redistribution, it can be said to be relatively stable.

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