R-11/22 Helse, miljø og sikkerhet i reindrift. Funn fra kartlegging blant reindriftsutøvere

Varresvuohta, birás ja oaggásvuohta ællosujton. Guoradallama båhtusa ællobarggijs

Healsoe, byjrese jih tjirkeme båatsosne. Maam lea goerehtimmie båatsoeburrijste gaavneme

Dearvvašvuohta, biras ja sihkkarvuohta boazodoalus. Bohtosat boazobargiid jearahallamis

Writers: Anna Kristine Sokki Bongo, Johan Martin Stenfjell og Brit Logstein 
As an important part of the project Health, Environment and Safety (HES) in Reindeer herds a survey was carried out among reindeer herders in 2020. An invitation to participate was conveyed via district managers in reindeer husbandry and managers from domestic reindeer herding units, and 311 people took part in the survey. Representatives from the reindeer herding have been involved in all parts of the process. They were invited to communicate what should be emphasized in such a survey, important questions to include and they were offered to give input to the report. People with expertise in Sami language and culture were finally central in the interpretation of findings and for writing this report.

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