R 3/23 Interrelationships between mechanisms of Rebound Effects in a Circular Economy in the agri-food industry

A Circular Economy (CE) is seen as a strategy to achieve sustainable development and is perceived as a substitute for the current take-make-waste linear economy. However, the sustainability potential of the CE can be limited by the occurrence of Rebound Effects (REs). This study fills multiple research gaps by determining REs at micro- and meso levels, identifying mechanisms behind REs (causal relationships between variables from implementing CE initiatives to REs), and including the interaction between different REs in a complex CE context. The results highlight the importance of the interconnectedness of REs and their mechanisms at different levels within a complex CE system and demonstrate the need for interdisciplinary research. Moreover, the findings indicate that a strong collaboration between multiple stakeholders is needed to manage the application of CE principles. This integrated approach should start with awareness raising and dissemination of knowledge about REs and its mechanisms.

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