R-4/21 Evaluering av Grønn Forskning i Midt-Norge

Since 2008, the initiative Grønn Forskning i Midt-Norge, «Green Research Central Norway» (GFMN), has sought to foster research that meets the needs of actors in the region’s agricultural sector. The initiative has facilitated dialogue and collaboration between farmers, research and development actors, and public-sector agencies. Thematic working groups identify knowledge and research needs and are complemented by seminars targeting research-funding organizations as well as project workshops to develop fundable research projects. This report summarizes Ruralis’ evaluation of GFMN, which was carried out from April-August 2021. The evaluation was requested by Trøndelag County Municipality in connection with its decision to grant financial support to the initiative in fall of 2020. The work has been conducted based on the initiative’s own working documents and reports, a review of relevant research literature, and 30 qualitative interviews with actors connected to the initiative.

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