R-9/18 Case studies of farm demonstration in Norway report 1: Promoting optimal soil culture

This report is based on a case study related to work package five on the PLAID project, a European Union funded project under Horizon 2020. The project deals with demonstration activities in European agriculture. In the Norwegian context, this primarily involve field days, field walks and experimental fields. Events are commonly organised by the Norwegian Agricultural Extension Service (NLR) in cooperation with host farmers, but often also involve county officials, experts and other agricultural organizations as partners. Demonstrations provide a meeting place for farmers with different knowledge and experience, as well as advisors and experts with research-based knowledge and knowledge of local conditions. By sharing experiences, participants are able to develop a better understanding of both the theory and practice behind the activity and thus improve outcomes. Findings from two Norwegian studies in combination with those from other parts of Europe will help improve the organisation and effectiveness of demonstration activities in Norway. This case report will describe a demonstration day addressing issues regarding ecological sustainability, how to maintain fertility of the ground and protect the soil from rain and erosion. In addition, the demonstration includes the principles of ecology and climate-related issues.

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