Ansatte / Forskere / Marcello Graziano

Marcello Graziano

Seniorforsker - PhD (geografi)

Marcello Graziano is a senior researcher at Ruralis based in Trondheim, Norway. An energy and economic geographer by training, Marcello’s research is situated at the confluence of the Food-Energy-Envrionemnt-Water nexus, sustainable energy transitions, and Economic Geography. Specific themes included by his research include the diffusion of technologies, the socioeconomic impacts of new regional development paradigm, the limits and opportunities of the Blue Economy, and mixed-regime, multi-scale regional decision processes. Along with his position at Ruralis, Marcello is a Senior Fellow at the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis at the University of Connecticut. In this capacity, he has led more than 20 studies on the economic impacts of policy changes across the U.S. New England region, and he has assisted the State of Connecticut in delivering federal aid to the childcare industry during the COVID19 Pandemic emergency. Prior to joining Ruralis in 2023, Marcello was Associate Professor at Southern Connecticut State University (2020-2023, tenured in 2023), Assistant Professor of Economic Geography at Central Michigan University (2016-2020), and Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Economic Geography at SAMS – University of the Highlands and Islands (2014-2016). Marcello holds a B.Sc. in Foreign Trade and Economics (2007) and a M.Sc. in International Economics (2009) from the University of Turin and a Ph.D. in Geography rom the University of Connecticut (2014).