4th AgriLink consortium meeting
4th AgriLink consortium meeting

AgriLink 4th Consortium Meeting – AgriLink’s potential impact is now becoming apparent

More than 50 participants joined the 4th AgriLink consortium meeting held in the beautiful Spanish city of Pamplona on 11-14 June 2019. The meeting was hosted by INTIA, the Institute for Agrifood Technology and Infrastructures of Navarra and organised in partnership with the project leaders INRA.

”From my perspective, our meeting in Pamplona was very productive” said Pierre Labarthe, the Project Coordinator.  “We now see the first results of the project and our discussions in Pamplona show that we have the potential to tackle very important issues regarding advisory services at many different levels”.

The meeting in Pamplona was an intense mix of interactive discussions, presentations, workshops and field trips, including a visit to the Spanish Living Lab which is focused upon the co-creation of improvements to an existing advisory service run by INTIA on Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  All the participants had the chance to see how the Living Lab is functioning and to participate in some hands-on practical exercises that have been used by the INTIA team to facilitate the identification of local farmers’ problems and potential solutions.

According to Alberto Lafarga from INTIA, “Our involvement in AgriLink is really helping us to gather new knowledge about the role of advice for different types of farms and farmers.  Better understanding of the way that farmers use our services enables us to highlight both the best fit and the gaps between our advisory services and farmers real needs, especially regarding the adoption of innovation”.

As AgriLink enters the second half of project implementation, many important questions are emerging.  Questions regarding the availability of independent or impartial advice; about the role of public actors and the risk of exclusion of certain farm populations in countries / regions where there is less emphasis upon public policies for farm advice; the role of advisers in fostering interactive innovation in a range of different contexts – and many more!

More information about the project results and progress will be posted on the website soon.  Keep following us and we will keep you posted!

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