ESRS 2019 in Trondheim

Clarion Brattøra

Trondheim is Norway’s third largest city. It was Norway’s capital from 1030 to 1217. The city has played a key role in Norway’s history, and the Nidaros Cathedral has been a popular pilgrimage site for nearly 1000 years. We will host the welcome reception in the Archbishop’s Palace next to Nidaros Cathedral (a 20 minute walk…

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The Norwegian Way: Allodial Rights and Concession Laws

This is among the conclusions in a recent Scottish report, comparing different countries regulations of agricultural property – The Allodial act and the Concession act are two of the pillars of Norwegian agricultural policy, which distinguishes us from some other countries, says Magnar Forbord, which contributed to the report. The Norwegian agricultural policy aims to…

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Solar cookers: Simple technology with huge potential

Solar thermal fruit dryers are at the core of SOLTØRK, a research project exploring how solar technology can prevent food waste, and provide revenue for people in rural areas of Mozambique. – Today, the heat in these areas results in substantial fruit spoilage. Solar dryers combined with newly developed breathable membrane bags can absorb heat…

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Can we save the earth thorugh crowdfunding in agriculture?

In order to implement crowdfunding as a feasible solution for climate mitigation in agriculture several obstacles need solving. CoolCrowd, a research project led by Ruralis, discussed these obstacles during their first stakeholder meeting. – Carbon credit programs for customers wanting to pay for their own emissions, is getting increasingly popular, stated project manager, Pia Otte,…

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Barriers in the Bioeconomy

This is the conclusion from a review of Norway’s policy, regarding the transition to a bioeconomy society. – The Norwegian government strives towards lower dependency on fossil fuels in the national economy, which is evident in the government’s bioeconomy strategy from 2016. Our studies however, shows that relevant sectors currently awaits initiative from the government.…

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A Social Democratic Chicken


19.000 tonnes chicken was produced in Norway in 1990, compared to 86.305 tonnes in 2016, shows an article by Hilde Bjørkhaug, Jostein Vik and Carol Richards. – Chicken production in both Norway and the rest of the world has seen substantial growth since the late 90’s. This is partly due to changes in the genetic…

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Those with lowest expectations needs more involvement

  Simultaneously, the identified sector differences hints about actors in need of more involvement. These are among the findings in an article exploring expectations towards the bioeconomy in Norway, written by Lillian Hansen and Hilde Bjørkhaug. Biotechnology, industry, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture are among the sectors the study has mapped. Lillian Hansen, stipendiat hos Ruralis.…

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Living lab

Renate deltar på idedugnad

In the AgriLink project, the working method should be used to strengthen innovations in agriculture, including the involvement of counseling. At the end of February, participants from six different countries gathered in Leuven in Belgium to train and develop the work of living lab. These represented the six attempts to be carried out in one…

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Technology, society and the bioeconomy

New technology creates several possibilities in the bio economy. Without the society at the same page though, a substantial shift towards a circular bioeconomy in Norway, will remain a political vision. – The transition towards the bioeconomy, which means an economy based upon green, renewable resources, requires active involvement from politicians and the actors in…

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New Book: Transforming The Rural

In recent decades, globalization has transformed rural societies and economies across the world. Much has been written by social scientists about the actors and structures underpinning these transformations and the effects on particular social groups, organizations and industries.Yet, to date much less attention has been given to the specific global processes that are fundamental to…

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News from Local Carnivore


The project had a successful start-up conference, August 29th-30th, with partners from various organizations, environmental and agricultural county governors and national and   international research institutions. Experiences from Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, France and Norway were presented, providing valuable input for the case studies and surveys in the project. INTERVIEWS – CASE STUDIES During the autumn of…

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