Employees / Researchers / Hilde Bjørkhaug (contract completed March 2020)

Hilde Bjørkhaug (contract completed March 2020)

Research Professor (Contracted from NTNU to be Project leader on GoodAnimal) - Dr.polit. (Sociology)

Hilde Bjørkhaug has her specialization in sociology of agriculture and food. She has through her career been involved in research on different aspects of rural development, diffusion of innovations, agricultural restructuring and financialization, land use and land use conflicts, sustainable development, climate change challenges, policy analysis, power relations and organizational change. Current project portfolio incorporates discussions on transitions to a bio-economy, development of small farming systems as well as growth in values based food chains. Gender perspectives have been employed in many projects. She has followed Norwegian legislation on gender balance in boardrooms through research projects and public debate. Bjørkhaug work in large international research projects and is an experienced research coordinator.