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Madeleine Gustavsson

Senior Researcher - PhD Environmental Sciences (Human Geography)

Dr Madeleine Gustavsson is a Senior Researcher at Ruralis. Madeleine is researching topics related to fisheries, coastal communities, gender relations and identities as well as the blue economy, the environment and rural society. She is currently leading the Norwegian Research Council funded BluePlaces project, as well as being the Gender and Diversity Coordinator on the Horizon Europe EmpowerUs project.

Prior to joining Ruralis Madeleine worked as a Research Fellow (Proleptic Lecturer) at the University of Exeter, UK where she was a PI on the Economics and Social Research Council funded Women in Fisheries project. Within this project she examined the changing roles, identities and wellbeing of women in fishing families. Madeleine has also experience as a guest researcher in Economic Geography, University of Zürich in Switzerland and as a visiting postdoctoral fellow at Memorial University in Canada. Madeleine has a PhD in Human Geography (Environmental Science) from the University of Liverpool where she examined the social and cultural context of fishers and fishing in North Wales. Madeleine has also work experience from Ireland where she worked with rural issues as a postdoctoral fellow at Teagasc.