Forside "Researching People and the Sea"
Forside "Researching People and the Sea"

New book reflects on researching people and the sea

A new publication has launched this month, in which social scientists share and reflect upon insights gathered from researching in coastal communities.

Researching People and the Sea: Methodologies and Traditions presents a broad range of experiences gathered by academics working in the field and discusses the challenges and opportunities of translating findings across disciplines.

Edited by Madeleine Gustavsson, Carole S. White, Jeremy Phillipson and Kristen Ounanian, the new volume shares the often unspoken expertise needed to study people and the sea, and offers lessons which readers could employ in their own research.

Understanding how people use, relate to and interact with coastal and marine environments has never been more important, and social scientists having an increasingly vital contribution to make.

Yet practical experiences in applying social science approaches in this field are typically hidden away in field notes and unpublished manuscripts, with the opportunity for shared learning often missed.

Researching People and the Sea aims to change this. With a focus on the future direction of marine social sciences, the volume is highly relevant to masters and doctoral students. It will also appeal to more experienced researchers studying this area, as well as policy makers, practitioners and scientists wishing to understand the social dimension of marine and fisheries contexts.


The book is published by Palgrave Macmillan and is available at:

Two of the chapters are Open Access and available for download for free. The Introduction and Conclusion will also be available for free for a limited time.