Contest: We are looking for farmers, foresters and agri-food initiatives with a success story to share!


Times are changing! All across Europe the agricultural, forestry and the agri‐food sectors are facing major social, economic and environmental challenges – as well as unprecedented opportunities. Rural innovation is currently one of the hottest topics of discussion from farmhouse kitchen tables to the European Commission offices in Brussels. Rural innovation is not just about…

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ESRS 2019 in Trondheim

Clarion Brattøra

Trondheim is Norway’s third largest city. It was Norway’s capital from 1030 to 1217. The city has played a key role in Norway’s history, and the Nidaros Cathedral has been a popular pilgrimage site for nearly 1000 years. We will host the welcome reception in the Archbishop’s Palace next to Nidaros Cathedral (a 20 minute walk…

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