Analyzis of supply chains for bioenergy – Analyse av forsyningskjeder for bioenergi

Norwegian authorities have ambitious goals concerning bio energy, and a rising number of firms have in recent years started up activity within bio energy. How much of the supply chain they control varies. In smaller, local chains co-operating farmers may control all stages from forestry to delivery of heat (“Bondevarme”). In larger, more regional chains farmers may supply the raw material, while different other businesses take care of the rest of the supply chain. The conditions for bio energy and involved actors vary between regions. In the project we investigate actors’ experiences in small and medium-sized supply chains in three forest regions, Western Norway, Eastern Norway, and Mid-Norway. In co-operation with different partners the project shall stimulate processes for better access to raw material and logistical solutions from “forest to heat”. The main objective is to contribute to knowledge and increased competence about the functioning and actors experiences in small and medium-sized supply chains for bioenergy and uncover critical factors for development and supply of bioenergy in different regions.

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01/01/2008 - 31/12/2011

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