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Magnar Forbord

Research Professor - Dr.ing.

Magnar Forbord is Research Manager at Ruralis (September 2019). Forbord is an agricultural economist from the Norwegian Agricultural College in 1984 (now Norwegian University of Life Sciences). He took a doctorate at the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, NTNU in 2003 with a dissertation on new industrial networks in agriculture. Forbord, who became Research Professor in 2017, has researched various aspects of the agricultural and food system, such as cooperation and local processing in primary agriculture, public management, property legislation, recruitment, tourism, bioenergy, land use and bio economy. He has published a number of articles in international journals, book chapters, research reports and chronicles. In 2012 he was one of the editors of the book “Turisme i distriktene” published by Tapir Akademisk Forlag. Since 1994 he has led many projects, in many of which he has been central in acquisition. Forbord has held many lectures for agricultural organizations, municipalities, county councils, ministries, directorates and colleges / universities, as well as at international research conferences. He is currently involved in research projects on the bio economy, nature based tourism and land fragmentation in agriculture.