COOLCROWD 2.0 is based on the previous COOLCROWD project, a 4-year international research project funded by the KLIMAFORSK program at the Research Council of Norway.

The purpose of COOLCROWD was to assess the potential for a locally crowdfunded system that enables Norwegian farmers to install climate-friendly technologies on their farms and the Norwegian public to invest in local climate mitigation measures. The project developed a business model concept that is ready for implementation by industry partners. However, there is the need to gain more evidence-based knowledge on the potential of the concept that will help stakeholders to choose a future commercialization path. Hence, the aim of COOLCROWD 2.0 is to test the concept in a pilot study to verify the research results. This will help 1) to better determine the potential commercial application and level of maturity of the concept; 2) to identify opportunities and constraints for the implementation; 3) to provide knowledge on how to adapt the concept for a successful implementation and 4) to design an application to the Research Council of Norway for commercialization funding in the form of a Proof-of-Concept.


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