Knowledge and learning from AgriLink to actors in the Norwegian AKIS (Agriculture Knowledge and Innovation System)

In this project, knowledge will be disseminated and contribute to learning among advisers and others who work with farmers. One of the activities in the project is to develop short policy briefs on advice.

Foto: Colourbox
Man controling a drone.

Furthermore, short dissemination and learning seminars will be organized, as well as a national advisory forum for the management of the agricultural advisory organizations and representatives from technology suppliers. The main effect of the reinforcement project is that key institutions of the Norwegian AKIS will improve the capability to assist the farmer and his / her supporters in creating a more sustainable agriculture. The reinforcement project is based on the project AgriLink – Agricultural Knowledge: Linking farmers, advisors and researchers to boost innovation, which during 2017-2021 was funded by the EU research program Horizon 2020.

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