The outfields are crucial for bio-based industries and activities such as grazing, forestry, hunting, fishing and recreation, but also for other industries such as wind and hydro power production and mining

Throughout history a complex property system and diverse system of user rights have developed different types of commons or common like Management regimes in the outfields. The outfields are home to a range of other natural and cultural resources, and contain natural and semi-natural biodiversity of great importance for ecosystem services. Public access rights, and wide access to hunting and fishing add to the usage, cultural and symbolic importance of the outfields. In the present project we will examine: a) which challenges do actors experience regarding cumulative effects in the outfields and what are the best practices to manage these challenges, b) to what degree does different levels of trust in various government bodies influence outfield management, as well as its legitimacy in local communities, and c) best practices in terms of planning and governing outfield areas with conflicting interests.

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