(Recruit) Recruitment as a condition for value creation – impacts of fisheries restructuring and internationalization on fisheries employment networks

Foto: Jostein Vik - Fiskebåter

This project address the fisheries recruitment system and labour market in Norway.

Knowledge about how the fisheries employment systems are changing and impacts and are impacted by structural changes and labour migration is crucial for defining targeted policies for sustainable development of the sector. The project is carried out by the Norwegian College of Fishery Science, UiT- the Arctic University of Norway in collaboration with Centre of Rural Research and Sintef Fisheries and Aquaculture. The project will also collaborate with the “On the Move: Employment-related Geographical Mobility in the Canadian Context” project at memorial University of Newfoundland. The project consists of three WPs.

WP1 is dealing with project coordination, administration, survey and outreach.

WP 2 will based on an updated quantitative data set study changes in the Norwegian fisheries employment system in the period 2007-2015 and the relationship between the changes in recruitment systems and other changes in the fisheries.

WP 3 will address the more overall questions about the relations between recruitment, fisheries and other marine industries. In addition to the Norwegian data, also data from Newfoundland will be used. It will explore the effects of the structural changes in the industry and in communities, as well as employment and recruitment strategies applied in this situation.

WP 4 will address the developments in relation to what is defined as socio-economically rational harvest and suggest improvements to policy and policy measures, as well as industry and community strategies to ensure recruitment.

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