Employees / Researchers / Jostein Vik (contract completed December 2021)

Jostein Vik (contract completed December 2021)

Senior Researcher - PhD Political Science

Research professor Jostein Vik is doctor polit in Political Science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. He has been at the Centre for Rural Research (now RURALIS) since 2005.  Vik is also assistant professor 2 at NTNU where he teaches a course in EUs rural and political economy. Vik is responsible for the large bi-annual survey “Trends in Norwegian agriculture” undertaken by RURALIS. He is also involved in projects on issues from agriculture, fishery recruitment, local governance, governance and co-operation in forestry, to bioenergy etc. Current research interests include several aspects of governance and power in a rural context, as well as rural entrepreneurship and agricultural diversification.