In HealthyGrowth, eighteen mid-scale and four regional organic value chains are investigated in order to learn how they are able to combine values and increasing volumes. - Managing specific challenges related to growth - Understanding success factors - Fostering cooperation and partnership in values-based food chains


A sustainable growth in the organic market depends on the ability to combine increasing volumes with measures that safeguard integrity and consumer trust based on organic values and principles.

  • Mainstream large-scale value chains have major difficulties in securing and advancing organic values
  • Organic markets differ between countries and sectors; however: many face generic challenges related to growth
  • Examples show that medium-scale food chains are able to increase volumes of premium quality products while mediating organic values from farmer to consumer

Main project activitites

  • Literature review related to organic and other forms of sustainable food chains
  • Methodological approach for the selection of case studies
  • Interdisciplinary and  multiperspectival analysis of case studies
  • Case studies including interviews and workshops with relevant chain partners
  • Active stakeholder involvement, network building and cooperation on national and European level
  • International research cooperation e.g. with US-project “Agriculture of the Middle”

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