A-10/20 Dairy farmers’ job satisfaction and the influence of automatic milking systems

Innovation and implementation of new technology in farming is considered important to meet challenges for agriculture to increase sustainability and improve efficiency in production. Less emphasise has been on how the farmers experience the new technology. This paper responds to this gap and explores how Automatic Milking Systems (AMS) influence farmers’ job satisfaction. The research questions are: Are there differences in the experienced level of job satisfaction between AMS farmers and farmers applying Conventional Milking Systems (CMS)? Which factors determine the level of job satisfaction in dairy farming? Do these factors vary on AMS farms compared to CMS farms? The empirical data is based on a survey to a sample of dairy farmers with AMS and CMS. The results show that the most important factors which influence job satisfaction positively are common for AMS and CMS; Increased income, new cowshed, there is a successor present, farmer wants to continue farming. Contrary, higher education and being a male reduces job satisfaction. Further, the results show that AMS farmers are more satisfied with their working day, their occupational safety and their working environment. Other factors which influence job satisfaction for dairy farmers are; Less paper work, working together, considering technological competence less important, being appreciated, considering economic competence less important, increasing milk quota, loneliness and health worries. However, these factors can to a varying degree be explained from an AMS/CMS perspective, even though they differ between the two technologies. NJAS - Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences, Volume 92,100328

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