A-3/22 The role of farmers’ microAKIS at differernt stages of uptake of digital technology

Forfattere: Gunn-Turid Kvam, Renate M.B. Hårstad og Egil Petter Stræte
To explore the role of farmers’ Micro Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System (microAKIS) for different adopter categories and stages of uptake of digital technologies, by studying single farmers’ assemblages and sources of knowledge.
The Triggering Change Model (TCM) was used to explore the role of microAKIS at different stages of innovation uptake. Two case studies were carried out of a radical digital technology, Automatic Milking Systems (AMS), and an incremental digital technology, electronic bells (e-bells).
In the AMS case, the farmer-based organizations that traditionally advise farmers were not visible for pioneers and early adopters at any stages of the TCM, but they were able to develop support in cooperation with technology suppliers for later adopters. For e-bells, farmers’ microAKIS was broad in the awareness stage but narrowed in the later stages and consisted then of mainly peer – for farmers with less digital competence.
Practical Implications
For radical digital technology, the farmer-based organizations should take an active role in all stages of technology uptake for all farmer categories. For incremental digital technologies, there is a need for farmer-based organizations to support farmers with weaker digital skills. To improve advice, farmers-based organizations should cooperate with technology suppliers.
Theoretical Implications
The study provides new insight into farmers’ microAKIS at different stages of farmers’ uptake of a radical and an incremental digital technology and in the transformation of AKIS.
This paper combines the microAKIS methodology with the TCM and farmer adopter categories for both a radical and an incremental digital technology.
The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, https://doi.org/10.1080/1389224X.2022.2046617

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