A-34/12 Framing the environment – disputes and developments in the management of Norwegian salmon fjords

Fish farming is an important industry in Norway. However, it is perceived to have negative environmental impacts on the wild salmon through infections and genetically impacting wild salmon populations. These environmental threats led to the establishment of national salmon fjords as a form of area protection, initiated under the Act on Farming Fish, Shellfish etc. (Act of 14 June 1985). The authors study the discourses around the establishment of national salmon fjords, through process documents such as White Papers, management reports, statements in hearing processes, and press releases by involved actors. Document analysis revealed two partly competing frames, which the authors label the conservation frame and the technology frame. The two frames are interrelated. They seem to be developed as part of the policy formation process, and partly as tools in the struggle between different actors. Analysis of the similarities and differences between the frames in terms of, for example, rationality, strategy, and understanding of the environmental threats leads to an enhanced understanding of the nature of environmental controversies around fish farming and the protection of Norwegian salmon fjords. Ocean & Coastal Management, https://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2012.09.001

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