A-9/14 Diversification and re-feminisation of Norwegian farm properties

Female potential successors of farm properties are increasingly choosing not to take over the farm, with the result that rural areas are becoming masculinised. The question asked in this article is, how will the current shift in European and Norwegian agriculture towards increased diversification affect the recruitment of young women to rural areas? This study employs quantitative methods to answer this question. The findings are a significant and positive relationship between the potential recruitment of women, a higher level of education among farm property owners, and farm property owners’ involvement in farm diversification associated with farm tourism and Green Care. The article concludes that there are more options for a farm-based life than there used to be, and that this increases the probability that daughters are wanted as successors of their parents’ farm properties. This outcome is of importance for recruitment of women to rural areas and for rural viability. Sociologia Ruralis, DOI: 10.1111/soru.12044

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