A-1/16 Den norske landbrukssosiologien. Historisk påvirkning i nåtidig forskning på familiejordbruket

What is sociology of agriculture and food and can the ”classics” help us interpret how family farming develops and why norwegian farming is still family based? this article goes back to the roots of the agrarian (agricultural) -sociology and discuss what knowledge highly renowned and some not so well known contributors has had for the sociology of agriculture and food and in the development of theory and research on family farming. the sociology of agriculture and food is an established field within sociology, both in norway and internationally. Empirically the sociology of agriculture and food has an industry focus on agriculture as a location for production of food and fiber, from raw materials to refined products on the market. along the value chains of agriculture and food are sociological questions asked about the motivation of involved actors, on the distribution of money, work, organization, social inequality, institutional arrangements (regulations versus norms) and not least questions of power, and power relationships between individuals, groups and sectors. Here we also find the farms, farmers and their families. the article has its analytical focus on the development and survivability of the norwegian family farming system within a capitalist market system that dominates the markets in the western world. Sosiologi i dag 46:2 (2016) 7-28

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