N-1/18 Socio-cultural factors: Opportunities and challenges for crowdfunding climate measures in Norwegian agriculture

As part of the project COOLCROWD, this report provides an overview of preliminary findings and results from WP 2.2 about socio-cultural conditions for crowdfunding in Norway. The primary objective of the project is “to explore the potential of crowdfunding for climate-friendly agricultural projects in Norway as a novel, socio-technical practice that promotes a rapid transition to a low-emission society.” Together with partners from the transport sector, COOLCROWD intends to make it possible for people to fund mitigation measures at local farms and, in this way, provide benefits to local communities as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. During the project period of three years, the project aims to study the level of interest amongst the Norwegian public and the interest of farmers in partaking in crowdfunding. An important purpose of the project is to develop possible business models for local climate crowdfunding in Norway, including the legal framework. This report attempts to map some of the socio-cultural opportunities and barriers that form the background of getting crowdfunding to work in Norway.

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