NØFF – Norwegian-produced organic feed protein for pigs

The aim of the NØFF project is to obtain and disseminate knowledge about Norwegian production of organic feed that will contribute to securing the protein supply in organic pig farming in accordance with new organic regulations.

Foto: Ruralis
Foto: Ruralis

The measures in the project are to obtain and disseminate knowledge about 1) cultivation technique on autumn oil crops, 2) processing of leaf protein from clover grass mixtures, 3) calculation of feed rations with 30% or 100% Norwegian-produced raw materials, 4) profitability in production of protein feed and slaughter pigs, and 5) challenges and opportunities in the value chain when adapting to new regulations. The project will provide recommendations based on financial calculations and provide an assessment of challenges and opportunities in the value chain. NIBIO (project manager), NORSØK, Ruralis, the Norwegian Agricultural Advisory Service and Felleskjøpet Fôrutvikling will collaborate on the three-year project. The project will disseminate new knowledge to the industry via guidance videos, theme days and written material.

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