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Tommy Ruud

Researcher - Master

Tommy Ruud is an anthropologist with a background in the Department of Social Anthropology at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. His research has primarily focused on small farmers in Trøndelag County, Norway, with a specific emphasis on the emergence and classification of free-range pigs. Ruud also works on problematising the economic relationships obstructing and enabling the circulation of pork within and outside local communities.

In addition to his work with small farmers, Ruud has expanded his research to include farmers in Central Norway who are engaged in intensive pig farming. The purpose is to explore and compare the social dynamics shaping the relationships between humans and animals within the context of contemporary practices of husbandry and agriculture.

Furthermore, he is involved in applied research related to food production and food systems more generally, e.g., subsistence farming, organic food, and infrastructure.